It's Official: Setanta Signs Deal with DISH Network

It’s official. Setanta Sports has signed an agreement with DISH Network. In an exclusive interview with Setanta’s President of North American and Australian operations for Setanta Sports Shane O’Rourke, he details how soon DISH will be ready to accept orders, how much it’ll cost and what the announcement means to Setanta.

Listen to the interview now on the EPL Talk Podcast. Or, better yet, subscribe to the feed via iTunes so you don’t miss a single episode of the only Premier League interview show on the Internet.

In addition to the DISH Network news, O’Rourke discusses the upcoming 07/08 Premier League season and what fans of Premier League clubs can expect to see in regards to Setanta Broadband, ITVN and how much additional coverage will be available from Setanta’s studios in Dublin, Ireland.

Speaking of additional coverage, the debut episode of The Friday Football Show from Setanta Sports featuring host James Richardson (from Football Weekly podcast fame) and Des Lynam (former Match of the Day and Grandstand presenter) will be shown on Friday, August 10th at 6:30pm ET on Setanta and Setanta Broadband in the United States.

If you don’t have Setanta for the 07/08 Premier League season, you’ll be missing a ton of matches in addition to other valuable content. Sign up today for DISH Network at and get over 100 channels for $19.99 with a free movie package, free 4-room system installation, free DVR upgrade and much more (including no contract commitments).

Via, you can order online or find out more details about how to order via phone. At the time of installation, you can then add Setanta Sports to your package.

17 thoughts on “It's Official: Setanta Signs Deal with DISH Network”

  1. Gaffer excellent news – alas its not helping me but its a good step in the right direction. Now if only Comcast can follow suit and get rid of one of its 97 MTV channels to give me one Setanta!

  2. Please allow me.


    Looks like I will be able to watch the Sheffield Wednesday carling cup match in a few weeks

  3. I’m with Simon here, except I wish it was Cox who picked it up !!!
    My ITVN is probably going back as it looks like they’re selling out to a bunch of crooks and their service is just getting worse and worse :(

  4. what’s the deal with ITVN? I am planning on buying that rather than swap Time Warner Cable for satellite. Is there any differences in content, quality, etc? I want ITVN only for Setanta.


  5. Sorry for the stupid question, but can someone answer it for me:

    I have Dish Network’s America’s top 250 package — is Setanta being added as a channel for free, or will I have to pay extra to get it?


  6. Good questions/feedback everyone.

    Popps, Setanta is $14.95 per month in addition to your current programming you have with Dish. Feel free to order it via

    Ossie, the Setanta content will be the same on ITVN as with Dish. The only difference, right now, is that DirecTV offers Setanta Xtra – which features matches that can’t fit on the regular Setanta channel.

    I’ve left messages with ITVN to request an interview, but I haven’t heard one response. I’d like to find out from them what their plans are for the new season and what the Broadshift TV deal means to ITVN customers who watch Setanta. The longer the silence continues, the more ITVN customers will jump ship.

    The Gaffer

  7. thanks, Gaffer. Helpful as always. I just took a look at the ITVN user forums – it’s filled with irate customers complaining about service quality and lack of information regarding Broadshift. I may play it safe and change to DirectTV. Will have to convince the missus – wish me luck.

  8. Didnt realise ITVN was moving on.
    I watched the Arsenal V Inter game last week on there, first time i have used it since season ended and i found it had actually improved possibly in conjunction with the firmware upgrade – the bandwidth used was up to 13.5 Megs…whereas last season it was about 11 on the highest setting.

    But thats some pre-season friendly. I am now scared that when it comes to the first week of the Premiership when demand is high that I am going to be watching plenty of that feared ‘Buffering’ …

    If ITVN are silent that cant be a good sign.

  9. Thank you for the O’Rourke interview. It was informative for all of us.

    I’ve had Setanta broadband for a year now and the soccer archive is of real value to the viewer. It makes the devoted fan life a bit easier to watch a match when you have free time.

    If you can not have the DISH I would strongly recommend broadband.

  10. $14.99 per month for Setanta is a RIP OFF. You can get HBO (multiple channels of it) for the same price. Granted HBO doesnt show soocer, but dollar for dollar its a better value (was a much better value before Sopranos ended).

    I am greatful that soccer is making strides onto satellite and cable, but its not worth the price unless those services wrap it up in a bundle of channels.

    You can spend far less with a subscription to your favourite team via the Internet and not get motorbike racing and darts.

  11. Lowell,

    Not sure which channel you’re watching, but I never see darts or motorcycle racing on Setanta.

    $14.95 by itself is a good deal when you consider it’s 50 cents per day and you take into account the 25-30 live Premiership matches per month shown on Setanta.

    The Gaffer

  12. Popps:

    Indeed, Setanta is included for FREE with the “Top 250” package. You also get GolTV with the Top 250. If you already have the Top 250, then Setanta appeared on Channel 406 as of 8/01.

    The current monthly Price structure is:
    Top 100 Plus = $39.99/month (No Setanta/GolTV)
    Top 200 = $42.99/month (No Setanta/GolTV)
    Top 250 = $52.99/month (Setanta/GolTV Included)

    I’m not sure why Setanta is saying it’s costs $14.95 per month to order.


  13. Thanks Gaffer & CTM, that’s great news! 15 bucks a month would have been fine by me, but you just can’t beat FREE!!


  14. I’m not sure why Setanta is saying it’s costs $14.95 per month to order.

    Because Dish is offering it for free in August to introduce the channel to its subscribers.

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