Interview with Phil Lines of the Premier League

The latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast has been published, which features an interview with Phil Lines from the Premier League.

As Head of International Broadcasting & Media Operations at the Premier League, Lines plays a pivotal role in securing the TV rights deals in 207 countries for the world’s most popular sports league. During the interview, Lines discusses how Sirius Satellite is in advanced negotiations to provide the Premier League radio broadcasts for listeners in the U.S. for the next three years.

Plus we discuss the upcoming redesign of the Premier League website, the popularity of the Fantasy Premier League, how the Premier League is evolving in the United States and what it’ll take for the Premier League to host a trophy competition in the U.S. similar to this summer’s Asia Trophy.

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Phil Lines of the Premier League”

  1. Gaffer: Your usual excellent interview style. However after listening to Phil Lines I would hope everyone would make an effort not to support any authorized outlet for the EPL overseas and only use the various unauthorized free services.

    Was this guy awake during your interview ? Does he have any real interest in his job or promoting the Prem? The powers that be in the league should strongly consider if they want this guy as a spokesman and salesperson for them.

    To say I was completely unimpressed by him is an understatement. I would hope that the Prem. would extend to you and your members an apology.

    Please tell me if I am being too harsh on him.

  2. eplnfl,

    I would be interested in hearing what others have to say, but Phil is neither a salesperson nor a spokesperson. He’s a businessman with a good track record in the sports business world.

    If he was a marketing person, he probably would have been more peppy.

    The Gaffer

  3. eplnfl:

    He did say at the start that he was not a media spokesman/salesman. Did you expect him to be all pushy and say we’re gonna do this and we’re gonna do that and we’ll take over the world? Is that what the NFL does?

    Maybe that’s why they did so well in Europe.

    No mention of whether IKnowTheScore is going to be operating this term. Looking forward to the new Prem website, I see they have global tv listings of all the games.


  4. TT:

    The NFL is always selling it’s product. They plan to be playing regular season games in Europe and other overseas markets. You may have heard that the New York Giants will be paying the Dolphins in London this October. The NFL has announced that each team in the league can expect to play one game each season overseas in the near future.

    Now if you want to see a great example of sports marketing spend some time with NASCAR. I’m not a big fan but everyone involved in the association pushes the products and their teams.

    In fact, after seeing the Gaffer posting the news of the new 24/7 EPL channel in Singapore with TWI’s support was Mr. Lines avoiding answering the question about a 24/7 channel. It seems the Prem is involved in a 24/7 channel already.

    Excuse me if I’m wrong on this but shouldn’t Mr. Lines been a little more excited about fans in America and promoting their interest in the league in the US. It seems to me that motive was lacking.

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