BBC Making Moves Before 07/08 Season Begins

The website redesign for EPL Talk is coming along nicely and may be live as early as this weekend or, at the latest, early next week. As soon as it’s unveiled, I’ll let you know here. I’ve mentioned it before, but the EPL Talk Blog that you’re reading now will be moved to a different location, so thanks in advance for your patience and changing your bookmarks.

Now, on to the news:

  • If you’re looking for a preview of the 2007/2008 season and the teams that will be playing in the Premier League, you’ve come to the right place. EPL Talk blogger Michael James (on his English Soccer Talk blog) has begun the hard work of analyzing each team. And he’s taken the unique approach of doing it in the order of who he thinks will finish in each position (starting from the bottom and building his way up to the top position). Take a look to see who he thinks will finish where.
  • Soccer shows “Match of the Day” and “Match of the Day 2” from the BBC will both be shown live over the Internet starting this season (as well as on BBC television). That’s excellent news for people living in the United Kingdom, but for those of us outside the UK, don’t be surprised if you’re blocked from viewing the broadcasts.
  • It’s not all bad news for soccer fans living outside the UK who rely on the BBC for coverage, though. The Beeb has announced that all of their video on their site (that we have rights to access) is now available as broadband video. Previously, the video was broadband in the UK only and everyone elsewhere received a poorer quality stream. Now we should be able to view the latest football news and interviews in much higher quality from BBC Sport.
  • US u-20 midfielder Danny Szetela could be making a move for Everton, Reading or Middlesbrough.
  • Fingers crossed, I’ll have a new podcast episode out tonight featuring an exclusive interview with one of the top people from the Premier League, Phil Lines.


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