Superliga: Night One Wrap

Superliga is everything we hoped for and more. While the upset of the tournament has already taken place with Mexican Clausura Champion Pachuca defeated in a somewhat lackluster match 2-1 by the Los Angeles Galaxy (who just a week ago was referred to as a “pub team” by a leading English daily), the real fireworks took place in the intense high level match between Chivas Guadalajara and FC Dallas.The match had the feel of an international of some note, or at the very least a major club match between two old rivals. Both teams attacked early and often with many chances being created. FC Dallas’ two top players, Captain Carlos Ruiz and MLS All Star Juan Toja were both playing very well, but it was Arturo Alvarez who scored a wonder goal to put the Hoops ahead 1-0 early in the second half. Sadly, minutes later Chivas equalized on a very controversial goal which should have been disallowed on a hand ball, but in fairness the FC Dallas players should not have stopped playing to try and sell the official on the call. Then minutes later a major fracas broke out as Drew Moor was decked in the face, but he retaliated and was seen by the official and sent off. Following this incident FC Dallas Captain Carlos Ruiz already carrying a yellow card was in the officials face and came close to be sent off. Towards the end of the match Ruiz went down easily in the box trying to draw a PK, which would have been a fair make up call for the illegitimate Chivas goal, but Ruiz didn’t get the call. The match ended in a frenzy as Dallas down a man kept attacking and Chivas continued to pile on the pressure. The 1-1 result wasn’t just for the Hoops but it does keep them alive in Group A, where the Galaxy’s 3 points lead the group thanks in large part to some great play off the bench by Cobi Jones, who has made a career of frustrating Mexican clubs.

4 thoughts on “Superliga: Night One Wrap”

  1. I’m very proud of the Galaxy last night but they need to do it more consistently before I’ll be convinced making the trades for Klein and Gray were really decent moves.

    FC Dallas apparently got worked. I was at the Galaxy match and did not see the game but heard all about it later.

  2. Sams, the trade of Findley and Sturgis could be the single most important reason LA misses the playoffs. That having been said the win last night was very impressive and had the British media paid attention it may shut up all their talk of a “pub team.” Truthfully many EPL sides would struggle to beat Pachuca in the middle of the EPL season!

  3. I’m still for the Galaxy and think that K has it out for them, but the truth is all this tinkering with the squad, and the trading of Marshall, Sturgis, and Findley was idiotic and smacked of desperation. I liked the Jaqua for Gray deal but think the other moves including signing Pavon destabilized the club so severly it may be tough to recover.

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