USA continues to impress at U-20 World Cup


The USA U-20 team was able to steal a victory in overtime against an attacking Uruguay side on Wednesday. Both teams showed great talent along with offensive flair. USA was very composed looking for the equalizer in the later minutes – it reminded me of the senior team’s resolve after halftime in the Gold Cup Final v. Mexico.

Speaking of Mexico, their run at Copa America has been very impressive. The roster for this tournament was missing most of the players that play abroad (Salcedo, Pardo, Osorio, etc.) and, unlike USA, they remained competitive. USA may be Gold Cup Champions, but for that final, Mexico has had a better summer………

With USA, Mexico, Brazil, and Uruguay playing games in both the Copa America and U-20 World Cup, casual fans are a little confused but quickly adjust. From what I’ve seen so far, the fans of these countries have a lot to look forward to.

6 thoughts on “USA continues to impress at U-20 World Cup”

  1. “Both teams showed great talent along with offensive flair”?? Please! What game were you watching?! I’m glad the US won but all 3 goals scored were sloppy, the game had no flow or rhythm, and fouls were being called all over the place.

  2. I wouldn’t call those goals sloppy. They came as a result of offensive pressure. The own goal would have been tapped in anyway…

    Uruguay almost scored right after both USA goals.

    I call that pretty exciting.

  3. No, your point was what you wrote, that “both teams showed great talent along with offensive flair”. Great talent and offensive flair are terms associated with Brazil and Argentina; “determination and enthusiasm” are not nearly the same as what you said.

  4. Whatever.

    I hope you’re getting an “A” in English but I’m guessing not if you give your teacher that attitude

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