Don't Believe The Hype: David Beckham

I realize than even by writing this article, I’m contributing to the mass hysteria revolving around the David Beckham story, but I have to say a few things.

I’ve purposefully avoided much talk about Becks on the EPL Talk Podcast and this, the EPL Talk Blog for many reasons. Most importantly, while I realize he’s a megastar and will inject much needed attention for Major League Soccer, he is still just one player, one man and the amount of attention he’s currently getting is way out of proportion.

Unbelievably, some of the worst culprits are the British press. Golden Balls hasn’t even been unveiled to the worldwide press and the British broadsheets are already focusing a lot of attention on the news and Major League Soccer.

While I’m in complete agreement with the decision to bring Beckham over, I’d rather wait a few weeks and let him settle in first and then see what the reaction is on the pitch and in the hearts and minds of Americans. If something newsworthy does happen, I’ll write about it. But, for now, don’t believe the hype.


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