Join The EPL Talk Fantasy Premier League

It’s that time of the year when the Fantasy Premier League is open for you to join. Unlike other fantasy football games, this one is free and EPL Talk even chips in and awards prizes to the winner like we did last season.

The best part is you can join the EPL Talk private league and compete against fellow EPL Talk readers from around the world. Last year, we had almost 200 people competing and the competition was fierce (but fun).

To join the EPL Talk Fantasy Premier League, all you have to do is:

1. Visit and register for free (to relog back on if you’ve registered before)

2. Name your team and pick your side

3. Click the ‘Leagues’ link and then enter the following code number to join the EPL Talk private league: 8446-3266

Be one of the first to register to join the free private league today so you can pick your teams and formation.

Good luck everyone and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Join The EPL Talk Fantasy Premier League”

  1. If you do sign up – just in case you guys hadn’t notice the link to my blog in the left panel – come and pay my site a visit for Fantasy Football news and views. I’ve also got some nice stats set up for the EPL game and will be covering it throughout the season. Cheers.

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