Carlos Tevez Set to Join the Old Trafford Revolution

The English newspapers are reporting that Carlos Tevez is poised to become Manchester United’s latest signing as early as next week. If the deal goes through, the implications for the Old Trafford club would be enormous.

First, United will have managed to secure the biggest transfer target of the summer in Europe away from the grasps of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Second, the deal will allow Man United to focus on pre-season training with all major transfers secured early in the transfer window (Hargreaves, Nani and Anderson). Many of United’s competitors are still chasing transfer targets, which will prevent the players from being able to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the players.

Third, this will be perhaps Man United’s greatest summer ever for transfer signings. All credit has to go to the Glazers for providing Ferguson with the cash to spend, spend, spend.

Simply put, there’s a revolution happening at Old Trafford on the pitch which will make Man United a formidable opponent during the 07/08 Premier League season. Even a team such as Chelsea will have a difficult time keeping up.

Speaking of Chelsea, their MO this summer has been to spend wisely. The more I see Claudio Pizzaro, the more impressed I become. He was successful in the Champions League for Bayern Munich, but his performances for Peru in the Copa America have been nothing short of spectacular. He’s the type of player, much like Tevez, that forces his teammates to work harder as they try to keep up with the tenacity of Peru’s captain.

But, for now, the headlines are with Man United.


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