Man United Finds Its Way On to HBO’s Entourage


Was tonight’s episode of Entourage, the hippest show on HBO, the tipping point for soccer in the American mainstream? For those of you who missed it, lead character Vincent Chase walks into Dennis Hopper’s house and what is everyone watching but no less than a Manchester United against Blackburn Rovers match on TV. The scene centered around Hopper and his buddies placing a million dollar bet on the match with Blackburn winning one nil and Ruud van Nistelrooy missing a penalty for the Red Devils in the last minute.

While the video footage was dated and the scriptwriters evidently didn’t know the difference between extra time and “overtime,” having soccer be a significant part of the script for the hugely successful Entourage show is a massive coup for soccer in the States. Will it change anything overnight? Far from it, but it’ll certainly add to the coolness factor.

5 thoughts on “Man United Finds Its Way On to HBO’s Entourage”

  1. It aint the Sopranos.

    Yes I did love to see soccer mainstreamed, but come on now, Man Utd v Blackburn? No one watching Entourage knows who Blackburn is. I found Dennis Hopper’s acting to be poor and unbelievable.

    Perhaps Vinnyh Chase or Johnny Drama running into Becks would be more appropriate.

    Sure would be nice to see Medellin turn into something other than a boring story line.

  2. Still-the big picture is: soccer creeping into the mainstream.
    That’s good enough for now.
    Slowly, but surely…

  3. Do we really need recognition from mainstream America to improve the quality of soccer in this country?

  4. If Entourage is hip I’m Carlos Tevez, and I’d much prefer if retards of the type depicted on that awful show stick to the NBA, thanks very much.

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