Why EPL Clubs Should Buy English Not Foreign Players

By John Nicholson

Here’s a mantra you’ll all be familiar with: English born players are over-priced. That’s why clubs buy so many overseas players. You get good players for much less money.

That’s the received wisdom. We can all point to examples to prove this. Everton paid just a couple of million quid for Arteta who was one of the best, most creative midfielders last season; an absolute steal for that money.

And initially, when you see Darren Bent’s transfer for the thick end of £16million, you’d think it was undeniable that Englishmen are vastly over-priced. But I’ve just realized that it’s not true. Let’s stop defaulting to the usual stand point and look at the situation a bit closer.

The first thing we need say is that the majority of transfers of players so far this summer have been on a free or for minimal money. Indeed, it’s a sign of the times that relatively high profile players as diverse as Claudio Pizarro, Steve Sidwell, Tal Ben Haim, Sylvain Distin, Sanli Tuncay, Mark Viduka, Antoine Sibierski all come to new clubs for nothing except their massive wages. Hosts of transfers have been made for anything from nothing to a couple of million.

Transfers that involve serious money are few and far between. And while it may have been true in the past that English players are over-priced, we’re starting to see a change. The over-valuation of foreign imports to the Premiership has always gone without enough comment. There is a school of thought that seems to think a non English player is always good value. But it’s time to question that.

Liverpool has just paid £27 million for Torres (pictured). Torres is 23, so he’s not really, really young, he’s just coming into his prime. But how good is he? 14 goals in 42 games for Spain is good but not brilliant. 82 goals in 212 for Atletico Madrid is steady but not world beating. For £27 million you want a lot more than a goal every third game. That kind of record nets you about 13 goals in the Premiership season which won’t good enough to win Liverpool the league. So Benitez is gambling on Torres improving substantially.

There are no reasons to think he won’t improve but there are equally none to suggest he will. Many players come to the Premiership and fail to perform, regardless of their previous qualities. Shevchenko is just the most recent in a long line of players who just can’t adapt to the Premiership. So be under no doubts, the Torres deal is a big and expensive gamble.

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