Mexico Stuns Brazil in Another Copa America Shock

For the second night in a row, there’s been a huge upset in Copa America. The opening night it was Peru’s emphatic 3-0 win against Uruguay. Tonight, it was an even bigger shock as Mexico annihilated Brazil with a 2-0 win.

I say annihilated because Brazil was hardly in the match. After a lacklustre first half performance, this Brazil side looked nothing like their former self. Albeit, the Brazilian squad was very much a B-side with stars such as Kaka and Ronaldinho taking the summer off, but there should be no excuses for a Brazilian side who were an embarrassment.

The executives at GolTV must be grinning like cheshire cats with all of the entertainment we’ve seen from Venezuela in just two days on the network. While Brazil looked weak, all credit has to go to Mexico who seized their chances. Nery Castillo, who was a revelation in this match, scored the first goal proceeded by exquisite ball control. And Ramon Morales curled the second goal in from a fantastic free kick.

Speaking of Mexico, be sure to download the fifth episode of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast which was recorded live in Mexico by Kartik Krishnaiyer who’s currently on vacation there. Kartik, joined by BCJohn, recaps the Gold Cup, talks Copa America and, as the name suggests, discusses news from Major League Soccer also.

Back to Copa America and GolTV coverage for a second, my only criticism regarding the network’s broadcast for the second night is the use of native Spanish speaking announcers and commentators who spoke English. When English isn’t your first language, it doesn’t roll off your tongue as eloquently as a Ray Hudson, Lindsey Dean, Kelly O’Donnell or Phil Schoen. Other than that, though, GolTV is doing a fantastic job.

Also congratulations go to Chile for an incredible comeback against Ecuador to win 3-2. Out of the four matches played in Copa America thus far, there hasn’t been one disappointing match yet. Please take note FIFA (the World Cup), UEFA (Euro Championships) and BPL (English Premier League)!

To get the most out of the Copa America, be sure to join BCJohn in the EPL Talk chat room during matches (more details on the homepage).


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