Back From The Dead: A Game of Two Halves Podcast


For many of you old timers to the world of soccer podcasts, your first foray into soccer podcasts may have been The Treble or A Game of Two Halves. While the former continues, the latter has been missing in action for over six months. Until now, that is. A Game Of Two Halves has returned from the ashes with hosts Mark Hesketh and Chris Knowles at the helm once more.The lads from down under are back with another episode available via iTunes or their web site here. They’re gearing up for a new Premier League season, which usually consists of two podcasts per week: one as a preview of the weekend’s action, and another one to wrap up the weekend that was.

To learn more about how A Game of Two Halves got started and the history up to now, listen to the EPL Talk Podcast interview with the hosts from last year.

Welcome back AGOTH!

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