Deal Between Setanta and DISH Network Imminent

EPL Talk can exclusively reveal that the deal between Setanta Sports and DISH Network will be completed within weeks according to an unconfirmed source.

Elsewhere there are strong rumors that Setanta Sports will be available in Canada in the very near future. As soon as we hear more news, we’ll let you know.

7 thoughts on “Deal Between Setanta and DISH Network Imminent”

  1. FINALLY! EPLTALK broke this info in a podcast earlier this year and it was the best news I have heard regarding soccer all year.

    Too bad Dish Network aka Douche Network has some of the worst satellite service on the market.

  2. But, has there been any further development? When I spoke with a Dish Network representative the other day, his response was, “What is that, some sort of cooking channel?” I carefully explained the channel’s programming to which he gave me the standard response about Dish Network “always looking to add new, quality programming to it’s lineup.” Whatever. I’d just love to know when and/or if. It’ll make a defection to DirecTV easier to swallow if Dish Network isn’t going to join the party.

  3. Inside sources tell me that the deal is getting closer to being finalized. All indications show that it’ll happen before the new season begins. As soon as we hear more, we’ll do our best to break the news.

    The Gaffer

  4. A customer service rep won’t know what’s going on until the channel is available to customers. Having worked at Dish several years ago, most employees can’t even explain sports blackouts.

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