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Major League Soccer Saturday

After the bore provided to us courtesy of the US National Team, Major League Soccer had about as exciting a night any league this side of LaLiga would provide. New England raced out to a 3-1 lead over Columbus by minute 30, but Guillermo Barros Schelotto, one MLS’ high profile international signings scored his first league goal and then set the equalizer with a wonderful cross to net a 3-3 draw.

The two best teams in MLS played to a 3-3 draw at the Meadowlands. The Red Bulls jumped out to a 2-0 lead early, but Kansas City than answered with three straight goals, two from youngster Yura Movsisyan. Controversy ensued in minute 90 with a controversial late penalty call which allowed Juan Pablo Angel to equalize and keep the Red Bulls on top of the east.

DC United seems to be getting things going at the right time. Fred is finally looking comfortable and Luciano Emilio scored twice in an easy 3-1 win over Chicago. Chivas USA continued its excellent run with a 2-0 win at the Home Depot Center over Colorado. One worrying note is that the attendance of just over 10,000 is Chivas fourth home date with less than 13,000 this year. It seems to loss of Mexican superstarts Ramon Ramirez and Paco Palencia has had a very negative affect on the fan base even if the team’s quality is higher than its first two seasons.

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8 Responses to Major League Soccer Saturday

  1. football detective says:

    Some great games this weekend as teams settle into form. Injuries and absences have resulted in shuffled line-ups while depth is being called into play.

    The crowd in Toronto continues to impress while the team hits its stride. Getting Cunningham from the team with the least goals is crazy! RSL could stand for Real Scoring Lack. Good thing they play in the weaker conference.

    FC Dallas will welcome back Ruiz for sure.

    DC United’s foreign players are world-class.

    Juan Pablo Angel is quickly establishing himself with the likes of Diallo and Molnar as goal-scoring impact players. Let’s hope he stays in MLS longer than they did.

    Houston is hopeless without Dynarosario. USA better hope their rock isn’t covered by the Leaf.

    Can Champion David Beckham bring some winning ways to the Gals?

    Can Chivas LA winning bring some fans to the stadium or did they all buy Chelsea tickets?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Four of DC’s five foreign players have never been capped, yet you call them “world class?”

  3. football detective says:

    You’re confusing club play with international play. Being capped by your country is irrelevant in this argument.

    Look at the countries these guys are from. Maybe they’re not good enough to play for Brazil or Argentina but they’re good enough to play for any club team in the world – “world class”

    Arguably, not one player capped by USA is world class.

  4. Zizou06 says:

    No “Football detective”…RSL’s problem isn’t that they aren’t scoring goals, but allowing too many.

    I think yesterday’s 3-2 result backs that up. They are actually 3rd in the West in scoring.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The only “world class” player from Argentina or Brazil in this league is Schelotto, whose won numerous league titles with Boca and does have a number of caps. Calling Emilio who played in the Honduran league a year ago world class is silly. It’s just like the Brits who try and pretend that Gary Neville or Jamie Carragher are world class. C’mon already?

  6. football detective says:

    No, “Zizou06″, RSL is last in MLS scoring with 9 goals.

    I’m not sure where you get your stats…may I suggest

  7. Zizou06 says:

    Holy crap. You are right. Very sorry. I thought that RSL would have had more goals. I thought they did. Whatever I looked at had the GF and GA switched!!!

    Damn Yahoo!!

    Again, sorry!

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