Diamonds In The Rough

It’s been a hectic week getting interviews done for the upcoming EPL Talk Podcast. This Sunday, it’s an interview with Peter Hargitay (special adviser to FIFA President Sepp Blatter) who has some very interesting things to say about Andrew Jennings. Then, the following Sunday, I’ll publish my interview with Mike Ingham, football commentator for BBC Five Live.After conducting more than 70 episodes of the EPL Talk Podcast since it launched on April 1, 2006, there are always some guests who are difficult to get in touch with for many different reasons. With Derek Rae, I tried for several months to reach him through many different avenues and only succeeded when I decided to send him a letter the old fashioned way, through the mail!Here’s my list of soccer personalities that I’ve been unable to reach and would love to interview. If you know how I can contact them (i.e. an email address, phone number, contact details for their agent, etc.) please let me know:

  1. Toby Charles
  2. Martin Tyler
  3. Chuck Culpepper, freelance writer for the L.A. Times newspaper
  4. Giorgio Chinaglia
  5. Eamon Dunphy
  6. Tom Bower, and
  7. Ty Keough

Your help is greatly appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Diamonds In The Rough”

  1. Thanks Dan. I’ve sent a message in to The Football Show and will keep my fingers crossed that I hear from Giorgio.

    Also Paul from Dublin gave me some contact information for Eamon Dunphy, so let’s hope that leads to an interview too.

    Now if I can get everyone’s help on the other personalities…

    Thanks in advance.

    The Gaffer

  2. Could you ask Chuck exactly why an article in the LA Times last week (Thursday I think) had the location as LONDON when it was about quotes attributed to Beckham (who was in Madrid), the reporter was in LA and there was nothing to do with England or London in the piece.

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