Are Brits Shortsighted In Their Disgust for U.S. Soccer Fans?

Thanks to Brucio from the Du Nord blog for tipping me off about this one. It’s a revealing article by Steven Wells from The Guardian who, believe it or not, defends American soccer fans. The title of the article? “Americans Are Soccer-Savvy …And That Scares Little Englanders.”

Personally, what I love about Americans is the way that many of them follow the Premier League as a whole rather than putting blinders on and just following the Premiership team they support. I run into so many people in the U.K. who only live in their club’s world. If their club isn’t featured in the match on TV, they stubbornly won’t watch it. If their team’s opponent does an incredible flick or piece of skill, they’ll ignore it, criticize the player or consider the move lucky instead of appreciating it for the beauty.

Being a distance from England has its advantages. Soccer fans are able to see things more clearly rather than through rose-tinted glasses.

When you read the article from Steven Wells, be sure to read through the comments, too. There you’ll see several uncensored examples of how many Brits truly feel about Americans and their fascination with soccer.

5 thoughts on “Are Brits Shortsighted In Their Disgust for U.S. Soccer Fans?”

  1. I particularly enjoy the comments section. I love how they speak of us in generic overarching terms as though we are objects of study and as though they have an objective viewpoint. What a particularly British trait.

    They are right about the quality not being there in MLS. But, in some ways because of that, it is quite entertaining.

  2. I’ve seen some of those blinders on this side of the pond from Yanks, too. I’ve also had some nice conversations with some Brits at a pub here in Denver, the British Bulldog. They didn’t have those blinders on. Maybe it happens when you follow a team like Palace. Or maybe it’s that you know of cities over here other than NYC, LA and DC.

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