Chelsea's New Away 07/08 Shirt Unveiled

Chelsea has unveiled their new away shirt for the 2007/2008 season, and it’s certainly going to a love hate relationship for many Blues fans worldwide.

The new shirt, from Adidas, is yellow day-glow in color but a much softer yellow than I had imagined.

The bright, almost fluorescent, shirt will be worn for the first time this season in the July 17 friendly at the Home Depot Center against LA Galaxy in David Beckham’s debut match for the Major League Soccer side.

Without a doubt, Chelsea should be able to pick out their teammates more easily on the pitch to pass to with the bright new shirt.

For me, I’m going to hold judgement until I see the shirt in person. But what’s your opinion? Click on the ‘Comments’ link below and let us know!

6 thoughts on “Chelsea's New Away 07/08 Shirt Unveiled”

  1. what a funking liberty,this is disgusting,ill not buy this ,niether will my kids!!!!
    niether will friends!
    it looks like a surrender shirt.

  2. Mourinho wanted a black away shirt
    so why the board choose that *****

    No way to buy it.
    it’s like a ROAD WORKER shirt.. ;(

    I’m Disgusted.

  3. It looks like someone snuck in a yellow sock when they were washing them. I liked their white kits last year a lot better.

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