Blackburn Rovers Targeted by American Investors

Blackburn Rovers is the latest Premier League club to be courted by American investors for a possible takeover.

According to BBC Sport, Rovers is in preliminary discussions with an American investor. In addition to the Lancashire club, Arsenal and Manchester City are targets for American investors, while three Premier League clubs are already owned by American businessmen: Manchester United, Aston Villa and Liverpool.

Back in April, EPL Talk mentioned Blackburn as a possible option for American investors. However, back then and even now, I’m not so convinced the club is an attractive option. The club sits in a economically depressed area with low attendances. That said, the facilities and the team that Mark Hughes has built are impressive.

If the mystery American investor is able to acquire Blackburn for an affordable price and if the club is able to keep Mark Hughes and his stable of talent, Blackburn could be an attractive proposition on the pitch. Off the pitch, they would have to hope that success breeds bigger attendances.

Could the mystery investor be San Francisco investment banker Jerome Simon who was in talks with Manchester City? Or Paul Allen, who was in discussions with Southampton? Or is it someone else?

After Blackburn, what other clubs are available that are prime for takeover talks with American investors? Other than the aforementioned Arsenal and Manchester City, it would be Reading, Wigan, Derby, Middlesbrough and Everton.

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