It's Official: Arsenal 07/08 Away Shirt is White

The long awaited unveiling of Arsenal’s controversial new away shirt has happened. As EPL Talk reported a few months ago, it is, in fact, white.

The shirt will be available as of July 5. But, in the meantime, the Arsenal web site has released a wallpaper with an image of the new kit.

The Gunners have also created a special page on its web site focused on the away shirt, which is a tribute to their great manager Herbert Chapman.

The new Arsenal away shirt is now available for pre-order.

3 thoughts on “It's Official: Arsenal 07/08 Away Shirt is White”

  1. Not bad! Definitely a different direction. I think it could be alot worse. I’m a big fan of the red currant colorway.

  2. I really like it.By far the best away kit for ages in my oppinion.The red shorts really fit with the white shirt and the striped socks are not this bad. Need to get one as soon as possible,I think it’s ace.

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