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Premier League Clubs Favor China Over United States

premier league logo Premier League Clubs Favor China Over United States

It’s already almost the middle of June and the disappointing news for fans of the English Premier League in America is that only two English sides have announced preseason friendly tours to the United States thus far: Chelsea and Aston Villa.

Chelsea will be playing three matches in the States, while Aston Villa – so far – will play just one here (and another one across the border in Canada). All three Chelsea matches will be played in California in July, while Villa takes on Columbus in Ohio, also in July.

In previous years, we’ve had many more teams visit such as Everton, Fulham, Sunderland, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Many of the English teams are turning their backs on America and heading East instead. Man United, Liverpool, Portsmouth and Fulham are heading to the Far East, while Tottenham Hotspur will be playing friendlies in South Africa. Arsenal, meanwhile, will be playing in the annual Ajax Tournament in Holland during August.

Of course, there’s still plenty of time for tours to be announced for the United States. But, at this rate, it looks likely that the Premier League clubs are more interested in making money in China than the U.S.

PS – I’ve finally returned from my weeklong trip from a trade show in Orlando, so I’ll be blogging more often now through the summer months.

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3 Responses to Premier League Clubs Favor China Over United States

  1. riocharlie says:

    welcome back to sfla, just so you know you were missed.

  2. MJ says:

    Premiership clubs see the untapped financial growth potential in those Far East countries and are looking to exploit it. Why would they come to America more when they know that their diehard fans here will buy their merchandise and support their teams regardless (in short, the Premiership has the true fans in America hook, line, and sinker because there isn’t as much access to them here as there is in Britain and fans want all they get)? There are many well-developed, modern, wealthy countries in the Far East that Premiership clubs are waiting to sink their teeth into (China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.) and going there makes the most business sense. Isn’t that what most things are about nowadays?

  3. TheLowell says:

    How many people are in China? Its all about the economics.

    I am sorry to see the lack of EPL clubs coming to the US, but in all honesty, its cheaper (and more fun) for me to travel to the UK as opposed to CA to see Chelsea play.

    Perhaps its China’s turn to get some EPL teams touring. If it happens again next offseason, then perhaps its a trend. It is sad if next offseason, we dont any quality clubs.

    Look at it this way, the EPL teams dont want to face MLS clubs and lose. Perhaps China’s club teams are easy victims for “rusty” premiership teams to face in tune up matches. Perhaps those EPL stars dont want to get roughed up by harder hitting US players.

    EPL, (as much as I love your game) you can be “soft” and its a shame you cant man-up and play US clubs.

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