Chelsea to Unveil New Away Shirt in Los Angeles

Chelsea has announced that they’ll unveil their new 2007/2008 away shirt during their July 17 friendly against the Suwon Bluewings in Los Angeles.

The new Chelsea shirt (pictured) is supposed to be a flourescent green/yellow color from kit manufacturer Adidas.

More details about the 07/08 Chelsea away shirt can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Chelsea to Unveil New Away Shirt in Los Angeles”

  1. ugly????? what u on about, your clearly not a chelsea fan and so feel its your duty to slag anything remotly chelsea off, its cool and takes chelsea back to its yellow glory yers with osgood and co!!!!!

  2. great to see chelsea back in yellow, someone at the club knows what the supporters want now (probably roman) after jade,graphite,black,tangerine,awaysstrips!and a olympic logo style badge during mid 80s to mid 90s,would be nice toget the white stripe back down the shorts for the next home strip.

  3. It’s just a bin man jacket with a chelsea badge glued onto it… I can see the chant now:
    Why are you still?
    Why are you still?
    Why are you still wearing your work clothes?

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