Chelsea Loses Pace Behind Man Utd in Transfer Race

In the back of my mind, I keep hearing the words “Never underestimate Chelsea.” But unless the Blues make some significant signings this summer, their 2007/2008 season could be dead and buried before Christmas.

If Manchester United continue to make more signings similar to the talent they’re purchased in Anderson, Nani and Hargreaves — and if Liverpool secures some major transfer signings, especially in attack — Chelsea will be left behind.

Of course, the west London side has a plethora of talent but there are so many holes in the side that need fixing, that Abramovich will need to provide Mourinho and Kenyon with large amounts of cash. They’ve signed Steve Sidwell on a free transfer, but I envision the former Reading striker sitting on the bench most of the season and coming on as a super striker when needed.

The longer Chelsea waits to purchase big name players, the more time that gives Liverpool and Manchester United to snap up the talent.

To illustrate how Man United are surpassing Chelsea in regards to talent on the pitch, take a look at this amazing video (discovered by the excellent site) that features Anderson (formerly of FC Porto) and Nani (formerly of Sporting Lisbon):

When I was watching Nani doing all of those acrobatic backflips, the first thing that came into my mind was whether Peter Crouch will bring his robot dance back to compete. Don’t be surprised, though, if Ferguson advises Nani to tone down the goal celebrations for fear of getting injured.

Anderson and Nani undoubtedly have incredible talent. Both players will increase the level of entertainment several notches at Old Trafford. Of course, both of the new signings who have plied their trade in Portugal will take time to adapt to the Premier League, but with skill like that, they should have no problem getting past Premiership defenders.

And what about Anderson’s trademark move where he gets past defenders with an incredible move that I’ve never seen before? Check out the above video if you didn’t see it and prepare to be amazed.

And, of course, lets not forget Owen Hargreaves who will have a tremendous impact on the Premiership this season as long as he can avoid injuries.

The first opportunity we’ll have to see how Chelsea will fair this summer against the reinvigorated Manchester United squad is during the Community Shield on August 5th, which will be shown live on Fox Soccer Channel.

6 thoughts on “Chelsea Loses Pace Behind Man Utd in Transfer Race”

  1. Steve Sidewell is a central midfield player, so will be definitely on the bench and his ability off the bench will be limited as he does not possess anywhere near the level of talent that Lampard and Ballack possess. The only issue is where will Manchester United be able to fit so many young creative stars in one team? You can be sure that the Galactico problem that gripped Real Madrid won’t continue due to the lack of age and experience in nani and anderson which will prevent them from demanding a place in the team as they wait for giggs and scholes to retire.

  2. Isn’t it a little bit early to be making grand pronouncements like this? Few of us have ever seen the new Man United kids play, Hargreaves is hugely overrated and the season just ended a few weeks ago. Can we wait and see what happens before we bury the Blues?

  3. talking of chelsea needing players, in January they lose Essien, Mikel, Drogba and Kalou for the African Cup of Nations. I’m sure Sidwell’s come in with that period in mind, but they will also need a striker who can fill Drogba’s boots for 6 weeks-not easy

  4. If Chelsea had bought 3 players valud at £55m by the start of June you could just imagine the squealing about buying the league etc. Chelsea will do it in free transfers and returnig players. Then what will people have to complain about?

  5. Saw anderson play at the under 17s world cup. phenomenal player actually got injured in the final i remember. That tournament bred some promising players such as carlos vela (arsenal), dos santos (barcelona), nuri sahin (dortmund), kerlon (got injured before u17s)

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