Name to Remember: Charlie Sheringham

Some of you may know that former England striker Teddy Sheringham was released by West Ham United at the end of this past season. The 41-year-old is now a free agent after his contract expired. But how many of you know that Teddy’s son, Charlie, is currently Stateside playing for Crystal Palace USA?

Crystal Palace USA, based in Baltimore, plays in the USL. The side is a feeder team for the London side, allowing Crystal Palace to develop players, seek new talent and expand their brand across the United States.

Charlie Sheringham, who is currently under contract at Crystal Palace in London, is hoping to apply his skills in Baltimore to put him in a good position to start on the English side in August when the season resumes. The USL season ends on August 11.

Palace manager Peter Taylor has expressed interest in signing Teddy Sheringham to play for the side in London. It’s possible that a father and son team could be in the future for Palace.

More details about Crystal Palace USA can be found here from the excellent article by the Washington Post.

3 thoughts on “Name to Remember: Charlie Sheringham”

  1. That was exactly the article I was going to send to you to read when I first saw you were talking about Crystal Palace Baltimore. I live only an hour south of DC and my family subscribes to the Post and Washington Times. I rwad that article the day it was in the paper; I believe it was a Saturday about a month ago?

    Good article either way, kudos for finding it.

  2. Good timing Gaffer! I was going to do a feature on Crystal Palace USA and the other feeder clubs in the USA for Major League Soccer talk later in the month. I had no idea Sheringham’s son played for them though. Hopefully this will lure him to MLS.

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