Marcelo Salas on Trial with Chicago

Marcelo Salas, the Chilean footballing legend who led his nation to the 1998 World Cup and spent several years in Italy with Juventus and Lazio is on trial with the Chicago Fire of MLS. Salas has been without a club since walking out on a Chilean club over money in December. At 32, Salas’ best days are behind him, but how many former South American Footballer’s of the Year have actually played in MLS? Salas would be only the second if he signs with the Fire. (Carlos Valderrama was the first.) Besides, Salas was near the top of Serie A in goals for three consecutive seasons (1999-00, 2000-01, 2001-02) another claim few in MLS history can make.

2 thoughts on “Marcelo Salas on Trial with Chicago”

  1. Salas would be a great addition to the Fire. They have been horrible as far as offense, and I think this will just give them a spark.

    And with Salas up front, paired with Blanco in July….holy crap, that is going to be some mega-fire power for the Fire.

    That might just get the team off the ground!

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