Web Entrepreneurs Creating Solutions for Footy Fans

The Internet has transformed the way fans experience football/soccer online, but we’re still in the very early stages of the technology. What we need now more than ever are imaginative people who can take the technology and develop new, creative ideas. Two such people are Chris from footy247.co.uk and Matt from footypod.co.ukFootyPod is a novel idea. It brings together the best parts of the football phone-in shows from the UK and provides them to you in one place to listen to. Even better, the site offers links to hear football commentary from Five Live (after the fact) for those listeners around the world that are blocked from hearing the live commentary. This is definitely a site to keep a close eye on if you’re a huge football fan. Footy247, meanwhile, is RSS on steroids for football fans. The site does a fantastic job at segmenting the 20 clubs in the Premier League and allowing you to easily subscribe to the RSS feed for the team(s) you follow. Or you can subscribe to the main RSS feed to get news on all of the clubs in the EPL.

3 thoughts on “Web Entrepreneurs Creating Solutions for Footy Fans”

  1. Nice to see new media getting used in sites like video & podcasts plus stuff like feeds popping up.

    Thanks for the links, bookmarked (or should I say added to del.icio.us !)

  2. Footypod is a great service. During the regular season will we be able to listen to 5 Live full match broadcasts?

    A great service in any event.

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