Unlikely Entertainment Network Wins EPL TV Rights

Here in the States, we’ve gotten accustomed to watching the English Premier League on Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports. For those readers in the UK, it’ll be Sky Sports and Setanta starting in August. Elsewhere in the world, ESPN provides many football fans in Asia and Australasia with their Premier League content.

But in the Middle East and North Africa, there’s an unlikely network that holds the TV rights for the next three seasons: SHOWTIME. Yes, the movie network that plays those racy videos in the middle of the night and used to be big when The Movie Channel (TMC) was popular.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Showtime Arabia (sorry I refuse to continually type their name in all-caps even though that’s the way their name is marketed) is offering different packages complete with movies and sports.

Imagine if Showtime or HBO in the States decided to create sports networks!

2 thoughts on “Unlikely Entertainment Network Wins EPL TV Rights”

  1. All those years when HBO held the Wimbledon weekday rights in the US was strange but it lasted over 15 years! Then finally TNT came in and took it away.

  2. Having been brought up on coverage by the BBC and SKY sports. I can tell you that out in the middle east they have got it good. Every EPL game was shown live her last season and for as long as I can remember it’s been like that. At a fraction of the cost of a Sky subscription package in the UK. I get to see my beloved Arsenal week in week out, without fail. Showtime will be broadcasting all Epl games from August. When I go home to England and tell my friends about far better coverage in the middle east they just can’t be leave it.

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