Liverpool's New 07/08 Away Shirts (Black & White)

Out of all of the new shirts coming out this summer for Premiership teams, there’s been one club where there has been the most speculation and controversy. That team is Liverpool FC, where we have seen countless images and sketches purporting to be the real thing. Now, finally, we can reveal the new official Liverpool away shirts for the 2007/2008 seasons. The official announcement will be made later this week.Thanks to reader Shaun Breen, the image of Gerrard shows the new white away strip (click on the image to be taken to the Adidas web site, where you can verify the link is accurate).Shaun also provided us with the confirmation that the black strip will be the third kit for Liverpool’s 07/08 season. See the image here.With these images, we finally have verification that these shirts are valid. We’ve seen so many Photoshop versions and fakes that it’s reassuring to have at last seen the real thing.The question is who will be wearing these shirts next season? Eto’o, Tevez and Villa or someone else?

8 thoughts on “Liverpool's New 07/08 Away Shirts (Black & White)”

  1. fake fake fake… all i can say is FAKE.. dude look at the picuture, its been edited~!! look at gerrards arm and head, dude even an beginner with photoshop skills would know its fake… Gees

  2. Liverpool are being linked with every top striker at the moment and I can’t wait to see who will actually join them.

  3. If you click on the link you can see that they aren’t fake, as those .swf files are on the website

  4. Kit is genuine – check out, it’s been officially launched. I’d say this renders the black CL kit kosher, as well.

    And check out the away goalie kit! Kind of weird, but bloody beautiful.

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