Paraguayan Press Claim Riquelme Failed Drug Test

The story was released all thorough out Paraguay as Libertad team doctor Edgar Alcaráz. According to the doctor, Riquelme failed the random drug test after his team moved on to the semifinal round of the Copa Libertadores.

According to headlines from Paraguay, Argentine authorities began to show their preoccupation as soon as Riquelme was selected for random testing. According to the Dr. Alcaráz, two other players would have turned out positive for corticosteroids like Riquelme allegedly did. Matías Silvestre and Daniel Díaz apparently had positive results, but they were not selected for the random testing.

According to CONMEBOL regulations corticosteroids creams are permitted, but strictly prohibit its injectable form. Riquelme was suffering from a severe case of tenidinitis and was the man of the match in Asunción. If a player were to have ingested or consumed an illegal substance, paperwork must be presented to the Confederation PRIOR to kickoff. Argentine authorities scrambled to get the paperwork done AS SOON AS Riquelme was selected for testing.

If Riquelme were to be found guilty of this charge, he and the doctor in charge would be reprimanded. The team would not be reprimanded and no previous results would be forfeited.

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