How Much Premier League Clubs Earn from Sponsorship Deals

While we all know that Manchester United finished at the top of the Premier League table this season, how do the top 20 teams compare in the financial league table? How much money are the teams pulling in from their kit manufacturer? And who’s getting the most money from their main club sponsor?Here’s the league table of how much money the top 20 are getting from their sponsors (thanks to superb research by PurelyManCity):What’s surprising to me in the above chart is the relatively small amount of money, in comparison, the Merseyside clubs are getting. If you think of what their league positions were this season (third for Liverpool, and sixth for Everton) and then look at the above chart, you can see the disparency.For more excellent research including how much money the clubs are getting from their respective kit manufacturers, read the rest of the story at PurelyManCity.Breaking news: Liverpool has renewed its sponsorship deal with Carlsberg for three more years.

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  1. Hello to all, I am a Spanish journalist that anxious to see the final between the Liverpool and Milan. One reflexion of Athen’s final, is called. Honour’s men A hug and enhorabuena by yours blog.

  2. does anyone know how these figures compare with other leagues….How much does Barcelona, Real Madrid, or AC Milan get for their deals. I would assume not as high as English teams consider the television rights.

  3. Liverpool’s poor sponsorship is one reason that the fans were hoping for a takeover.

    Many Liverpool supporters hope the Americans can get the new stadium (more $), increase sponsorship ($$), improve corporate hospitality ($$$), improve merchandising ($$$$), and increase overseas fans ($$$$$).

    Essentially, the club want to do what United did with marketing 10-15 years ago. David Moyes and co. were never good with improving commercialism.

    Liverpool fans know they can’t catch United, Chelsea, and even Arsenal without these changes. Otherwise it would soon be 4th at best every single year.

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