Introducing Major League Soccer Talk

With the Premiership season over, many of us (myself included) are craving more soccer/football. The perfect antidote is Spain’s La Liga for a few more weeks, but don’t overlook Major League Soccer, which has been revitalized this summer with the entry of Toronto FC and their boisterous fans and the pending arrival of David Beckham. To follow all of the action, reader Kartik Krishnaiyer has launched a new sister site named Major League Soccer Talk, which features a blog and will, in the coming weeks, feature a podcast focused on MLS and US soccer. Be sure to bookmark it at Major League Soccer Talk joins the growing number of EPL Talk sister sites which now includes, and

2 thoughts on “Introducing Major League Soccer Talk”

  1. Thanks for the plug, Gaffer!

    The plans for the podcast are moving forward and I plan to post multiple times a day to the blog with the latest news and my take on MLS, much like this particular blog covers a wide array of topics related to the premiership and football/soccer in general.

  2. Site looks good, and hopefully MLS will fill the soccer fix some of us have this summer while the EPL is on holiday.

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