Episode 2 of the EPL Talk Show This Wednesday

The second episode of the EPL Talk Show has been scheduled and will air live over the Internet on Wednesday, May 23rd (the night of the Champions League Final) at 10pm ET (7pm PT, 3am GMT).

I’ll be joined by guest co-host John Nicholson (pictured) from Football 365 fame and author of the book Footy Rocks. Nicholson is on vacation in Las Vegas right now and he’s tentatively confirmed that he’ll be available for the show, which will run from 10-11pm ET.

We’ll discuss the events from the Champions League final, the latest football news and hear from John regarding his observations touring America and how football coverage has changed for the better or worse.

The EPL Talk Show is a live interactive football chat show that’s available on the Talkshoe network. It allows you to listen live and call in with questions so you can be on-air. There’s also a live chat built in to the site, so you can pose questions or add your thoughts to the live studio audience or hosts/guests.

Episode 1 of the EPL Talk Show is available via iTunes or here or here. Episode 2 is scheduled to begin this Wednesday, May 23rd at 10pm ET, but the “doors will open” at 9:45pm ET here.

If you miss episode 2, it’ll be released via podcast the day after. But by attending the live airing of the show, you’ll be able to hear the show first and answer questions live. I look forward to seeing you there!

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