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Manchester City Unveils New 07/08 Home Shirt

man city.home Manchester City Unveils New 07/08 Home Shirt

Manchester City today unveiled its new home shirt for the 2007/2008 Premier League season. Designed by manufacturer Le Coq Sportif, the design represents the most radical departure in a design of a football shirt for a Premiership club so far.

The new shirt designs revealed thus far have been more predictable (Spurs, Everton, Newcastle, Blackburn, Bolton and Man United). But this one, as with the Le Coq Sportif kits that Tottenham Hotspur wore in the early 80s, is quite unique.

What is so different about the shirt is the unusual collar, the size and location of the Man City crest on the shirt, the apparent size of the sponsor’s name and the sponsor’s logo on the right shoulder.

Just the shirt for cross-town rival’s Man United features a sponsors logo that appears too prominent on the shirt, Man City suffers a similar fate. For me, the Man City crest is too close to the Thomas Cook logo. I also feel that the Thomas Cook logo on the right shoulder is unnecessary. If anything, why not put a MCFC emblem there?

The pin-stripes are an interesting touch. When was the last Premier League team that wore those?

Based on the new design of the shirt, it looks too classy for a side managed by Stuart Pearce!

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9 Responses to Manchester City Unveils New 07/08 Home Shirt

  1. David Keyes says:

    You’d think they could him a clean ball for the publicity picture!

  2. William says:

    To be fair, it is not a Thomas Cook logo on the right shoulder, it is a Le Coq Sportif logo. And since that is the only place it appears on the shirt, it makes it seem somewhat understated (since most clubs have the manufacturers logo on the chest). All in all, I think it is an absolutely striking kit.

  3. badgerdaddy says:

    In addition to what William says, Chelsea’s European strip – the black one – also has pinstripes, though that’s not their EPL strip of course.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Liverpool’s home kit has subtle pinstripes (that can only be really seen when the kit is inspected up close).

  5. billeshears says:

    I kinda like it. Baby Blue is a difficult color to work with. But, it is relatively simple and a supporter could actually wear it in public without looking like a jackass.

  6. Kartik says:

    Much like the new US kit, it has pinstrips. I like the return to a pure sky blue color rather than the variation on the Reebok kits the past few seasons.

  7. Scott says:

    So that’s why they sacked him.

  8. bean says:

    i think it is a good looking kit. as william pointed out, its the LCS logo on the shoulder. There has been a lot of label snobbery towards LCS on other forums, but I dont see what the problem is. At least it is off the front of the shirt. Too often the logo encroaches, like the adidas kits which have the adidas logo in prime position to be seen when the shirts are worn with an opem jacket.

    the Thomas cook logo is not too bad as it cant be too big, as the FA have logo size guidelines.

    pin stripes are good. they make the kit dynamic without adding daft detailing, such as umbros patterned underarms on the new england/everton/everyone else shirts. as anyone who has a good suit knows, pinstripes make you look the man.

    What I want to know is, what colour numbers will they use? black or white?

  9. Anonymous says:

    i heard it was going to be made by addidas?

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