MLS Power Poll

1. Kansas City (8)
2. Red Bull NY (7)
3. New England
4. Chicago
5. Houston (1)
6. Dallas
7. LA Galaxy
8. Colorado
9. Chivas USA
10. DC United (Thanks, Sams Army…’re last place for DC moved them down from 7th to 10th…..please don’t abuse your voting privilege in the future)
11. Columbus
12. Real Salt Lake
13. Toronto

One thought on “MLS Power Poll”

  1. Sams Army cannot be taken seriously on any topic.

    Sams Army is actually now tarnishing the “Sams Army” name with his nonsense.

    I’d love to hear why Toronto deserves to be ranked higher than DC.

    I take that back – I don’t have the time to reason with a crazy person.

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