Still Lots to Play For in the English Premier League

We’re now into the final week of a long but memorable Premier League season. While we know Manchester United is champions, there’s still much to play for this week. And it’s no surprise that the Premiership revolution will be televised. Here’s the rundown from EPL Talk:

Monday: Charlton versus Spurs (Fox Soccer Channel, 3pm ET)
If Alan Pardew’s Charlton side loses this pivotal match, the club south of London’s Thames River will be relegated to the Championship. A win will keep their survival hopes alive until Sunday. Spurs still has a UEFA Cup spot to fight for.

Wednesday: Chelsea versus Manchester United (Setanta Sports, 3pm ET)
Several weeks ago, we thought this was going to be the match to decide the title. Instead, pride is all that’s at stake and Chelsea’s unbeaten home record. Can United get the three points at Stamford Bridge, or will Ferguson decide to rest his stars and get his reserves much needed playing time? Chelsea, meanwhile, will line up on the pitch across from one another to welcome the Premiership champions on to the pitch at Stamford Bridge in a show of sportsmanship.

Thursday: Tottenham Hotspur v Blackburn Rovers (Setanta Sports, 3pm ET)
Mark Hughes’s Blackburn side is still within a shot of qualifying for next season’s UEFA Cup, but the Lancashire side will need to win this match and their last game of the season. However, Spurs will be fighting for a UEFA Cup spot too. The battle between Spurs and Blackburn should be good to watch. Back in November, the two teams drew 1-1 in a very controversial match after Phil Dowd sent off two players.

Sunday: Too many to mention (Setanta Sports & Fox Soccer Channel, 10am ET)
The relegation battle will be the main focus of attention with five teams in the race to avoid the drop (four, if Charlton loses on Monday). Fulham is not safe yet, although a point will guarantee them safety. The big matches of the last day will be Sheffield United against Wigan, and Man United v West Ham (could United give the Hammers a lifeline if Fergie rests most of his first team players?) Other matches of note are eight of the remaining nine fixtures: Spurs v Man City, Chelsea v Everton, Liverpool v Charlton, Middlesbrough v Fulham, Bolton v Aston Villa, Blackburn v Reading and Portsmouth v Arsenal.

Here’s hoping that Charlton can overcome Spurs on Monday night, which will make it even more pulsating end to the season. If Charlton does beat Spurs, be sure to get your calculators ready for Sunday’s matches to determine who’s going down as each goal goes in. It could come down to goal difference.

3 thoughts on “Still Lots to Play For in the English Premier League”

  1. Wow! you brought out Europe’s Final Countdown poster!!! Hysterical!!!

    But on a serious note it is defeinitely interesting to see the dramatic end of the relegation battle. Cant wait! Hopefully West Ham stays up!

  2. Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta haven’t announced yet which games they will be showing on Sunday. That I find strange.
    By the looks of the table, Charlton and Wigan will be joining Watford in the Championship.
    Liverpool will finish third(+2 better goal difference than Arsenal), and if Tottenham wins one of their two games before Sunday, they will be in the UEFA Cup.
    All in all, it has been an incredible season in the Premiership-excitement, drama, goals, all that you associate with the League.
    August can’t come soon enough.

  3. Anonymous,

    I presume Sky was waiting to find out what the result was for the Charlton match before deciding which games to show this weekend.

    The other thing is that Monday is a Bank Holiday in England meaning that most of the businesses were closed. Those two things may have slowed down the decision which games to air.

    The Gaffer

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