Manchester United: Champions of England

Chelsea Football Club and its race to catch up with Manchester United throughout the entire Premiership season paid its toll this evening by tieing Arsenal 1-1 and thus handing the title to Sir Alex Ferguson’s side.

Yet again, Chelsea’s performance was below average in what must be one of the worst weeks in recent memory for Chelsea fans (gifting the trophy to United after drawing 2-2 against Bolton, losing to Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final again, and drawing Arsenal today).

My question is this: If Jose Mourinho is unable to motivate his Chelsea team to win the Premiership title and qualify for the Champions League final, what good is he? Sure, the Chelsea team is exhausted and demoralized, but it’s the sign of a quality manager who can lift his side and spur them on to victory.

Chelsea, again, didn’t looked like achieving that. In fact, the last time they put in an impressive display was April 25 when they beat Liverpool 1-0 in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final. Their first half performance in that match was outstanding. Today against Arsenal, they looked flat once again.

See Ferguson’s reaction here:

Fergie was a bit of a cheeky buggar to be drinking champagne during the interview (he seemed a bit drunk to me, by the way)! But it’s well deserved. While Mourinho has acted like a spoiled child at times who is out of touch with reality, Ferguson has been the model of professionalism. Sure, he isn’t perfect, but he put together a team this year that is worthy of being champions. And against all of the odds. Very few critics last summer predicted the type of success that United has achieved.

Congratulations Manchester United, 2006/2007 Premiership champions.

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