New Lettering and Numbering Style for EPL Shirts

An image of the new lettering and numbering style for the 07/08 Premiership shirts has surfaced.

The shirt on the right (click to see a larger version) incorporates the new EPL logo and new numbering/lettering font that’s supposed to be easier to read than the current one. More detail about the new style can be found here.

What do you think of it? Like it or not, and why?

Thanks to Charles Hurley for the link. The image shows the new Newcastle United shirt with the name and number of Obafemi Martins.

7 thoughts on “New Lettering and Numbering Style for EPL Shirts”

  1. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Hopefully its the finished product. But definitely not bad at all.

  2. I like it, but it seems a bit small. If they’re doing it to make it easier to read, it seems like this would make it harder than the previous font…

  3. Newcastle United wore their new kits with the new EPL lettering today in their loss to Blackburn. I thought it was harder to read on TV than the soon-to-be-old style was.

    My view on the new lettering hasn’t changed — I prefer the old lettering but I suppose I’ll get used to the new style

  4. I need some info regarding the new EPL lettering. Does anybody know the name of the font or who designed it?
    Thanks in advance guys.

  5. I saw it at Spurs v Man City, even close up I found it tricky to read, and that was the dark blue on white.

    I guess it’ll look clearer on TV, which is pretty much all the League care about, though if you’re at the game, chances are you’re more likely to recognise the players anyway.

  6. Not sure who the hell Charles Hurley is but I took that picture, that is my bed the shirt is layed on, I took that shot to post on

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