Latest Standings in EPL Talk Fantasy Leagues

The race for the Premiership title and Champions League trophy is nearing its end, but many EPL Talk readers are also keeping a close eye on the races in the EPL Talk fantasy leagues.The winner of each league will receive a prize (to be determined) from EPL Talk.Here are the current top 10 standings as of today:Premier League Fantasy League1. FC Walker, Steve Thielman, 1961 pts2. FC Bubd, Jeff Mensch, 19263. Mesiniaga FC, Sakaya Mary, 19194. Foolish FC, Mark Aegerter, 19085. Rockfish United, David Griffith, 18906. ManUtd06, Justin Franklin, 18117. Bloody Yanks, Jeremy Lay, 18098. Soccaplaya, Marc Andre Pharand, 18039. Moodus Rowdies, Alex Shorthouse, 179910. The GoalFather, Tony Orsini, 1786I Know The Score Prediction League 1. Tokyo Toffeeman, 1135 pts2. Lech Poznan, 10403. Garyi, 9204. The Gaffer, 9055. Umersyed, 7656. FC Bubd, 7557. Jtelli, 7058. Fsquid, 6809. Isage, 67510. Rockfishdg, 625Champions League Fantasy League 1. Foolish FC, Mark Aegerter, 664 pts2. Inter Rockfish, David Griffiths, 576 pts3. Der Auslander, Christopher Reid, 549 pts4. FC Epikoinos, Eric Anderson, 5485. Bloody Yanks, Jeremy Lay, 5366. The Gaffer, Christopher Harris, 5307. RedBullNJ, Ryan Coutant, 5308. Sidekicks, Michael Trubey, 5089. The Scouts, Lonnie Smetana, 50010. Edem FC, Eric Edem, 491May the best fantasy league players and predictors win!

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