Arsenal's Away Shirt for the 07/08 Season

The rumors that Arsenal will be adopting a white shirt as their away kit for the 07/08 season have been circulating for weeks now. Rough designs had been posted, but it was unclear whether it was authentic or not.

Now a new image of the alleged shirt has appeared across the Internet. But is this one real or fake? You decide.

The new Arsenal away shirt is scheduled to be available on August 7th. while the new home jersey from Arsenal is scheduled to be available on July 7. More details here.
Starting on May 15th, the Premiership jerseys will feature a new numbering and lettering system that replaces the current look-and-feel on the front and back of the kits. See a preview here as well as more information.

34 thoughts on “Arsenal's Away Shirt for the 07/08 Season”

  1. Arsenal used to wear white before our yellow away kit, but no doubt idiots will moan about tradition but know nothing. The shirt is cool.

  2. Shut up you Nike stooge. Haven’t you got anything better to do than go around all the blogs posting positive comments about a shirt that 99% of all Arsenal fans hate?

  3. Not a Nike stooge. SHUT UP U IDIOT. Havent you got anything better than to post crap about crap? This guy has his opinion, what you going to do, take it away?

  4. For the third time Gaffer….there isn’t going to be a new Arsenal home shirt for the upcoming season no matter what some sports retailer’s website sais. We’ve only had the current home shirt for 1 year and thus are not goign to have a new one until the 2008/09 season. I’ve called Arsenal home shopping and confirmed this with them. For goodness, check your sources before posting the same misinformation over and over.

  5. Anonymous,

    I’ve edited the article to remove the reference to the home shirt. Sorry about that.

    The Gaffer

  6. Not a bad shirt, expected it to be a little better… As a Gunners supporter I’m pretty much inclined to buy the shirt this summer.

    Hey Gaffer, I can’t believe how sensitive people are over details.
    Hey we all make mistakes at times.

  7. Yo folks, this shirt is 100% fake, from an Ebay seller of bogus shirts in Malaysia. Repeat, this shirt is a TOTAL fake. So let’s not get our knickers in a twist about it…

  8. Every time a new away shirt comes out, for whatever team, all the fans have a backlash. It’s sad English conservatism – people who are resistant to change.



    I think it looks good.

  9. Hate it – as much for the colour and also for the cut. Nike just seem to have the same cutting shape for all their shirts so weather your Brazil or Blackpool it will have the same shape – they just change the colour inks.

  10. At least Nike puts the variations on the football kits compared to the NCAA basketball unis.

    Those uniforms all have the same patterns with different colors for the school. Plain cookie cutter designs!

  11. OK, it’s white, not too pleased about that but I would accept it if it looked good.

    It looks awful. Black sleeves on a white shirt?

    How pathetic. How much more worse can we get…

  12. Helo there
    ”what the fuck are you idiots on about?
    it looks like someones ran over you in a ford mustang and then took a de tour back over you”



  13. Whats wrong with all you fellow gooners. does it really matter what colour the away shirt is? all we should be worrying about is getting behind the boys so that we will reign the premiership again. However i love the kit design it looks so cool and modern and people should know that away kits can be any colour , its the home kit that is always the same colour. Anyway its time for a change as we are in a new era with the brillaint new emirates stadium

  14. hey everyone that shirt is fake . i saw he real one it is all white with redcurrant edging and the fly emirates is in redcurrant. It has redcurrant becuase this is related to the traditional colour of arsenal back in 1913 plus the white is dedicated to herbet chapman who introduced white to the all red arsenal kit back in the day.

  15. right guys no need in fanticising what the new shirt will be like as the gooners are having the same home shirt and a white and maroon away 1 i know this because i have seen it in the arsenal store at the stadium on a poster.


  16. easy boys. easy. Are you lot sure it’s gonna be a white shirt? What about a third shirt, because those bell ends next door to us are in white!

  17. ok am i missing smething we change our red and white kit to avoid a colour clash, so we change into another red and white strip, when did nike think this through?

  18. Its not even a sure thing yet if this is the new away kit, ive herd theres quite a few prototypes, its not a bad shirt but i would prefer a yellow shirt, but still if this is the kit im sure everyone will get used to it

  19. lol its just our home jersey switchedd, just a sneaky way to get ppl to buy a new jersey, thank u very much nike but im picking up the yellow and black:)

  20. whoever up there but ”they should do it in the burgundy of the final highbury year” is an absolute tosser

    it’s not burgundy at all
    any true arsenal fan would know its redcurrant and true fans wouldnt call it anything different

    can always tell who the season ticket holders are can’t you!

    new away shirt not too bad
    prefer the current shirt
    but we’ll get used to it

    champs league final next year lads?! :]

  21. Right, i’ve seen an all-white shirt and now one with burgandy sleeves…which one is it gonna be. To be fair, they’re both not bad and i’ll buy it regardless. It’s The Arsenal!

  22. your wrong my friend…arsenal will not be having a new home shirt, the home shirt be the one that is being worn this season. july will see the new away shirt being relased which looks nothing like the pic posted and there will be a third shirt being released in august…but no new home shirt!

  23. Who cares if they wear a white kit. I’m a Spurs supporter and wouldn’t care if we wore a red away (we wore red for a few seasons back in the 1890’s). Spurs home will always be white and Arsenal home will always be red. The away colors don’t matter.

  24. does it really matter what the kits is? i mean what we should be concentrating on is making a come back. get a grip people its just a shirt who cares is it pink. the fact that it servers it purpose. but it could be gold and the Gunners player will still fumble so the shirt isn’t what we should be ranting about is how the boys play in them.

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