Joey Barton's Man City Career Near Its End

joey barton Joey Barton's Man City Career Near Its End

It appears that Joey Barton may have played his last match for Manchester City this past Saturday. The fiery midfielder reportedly punched City teammate Dabo in the mouth during today’s training session, and Man City has suspended Barton til the end of the season.

Barton, who missed a penalty against Aston Villa on Saturday, spoke out recently about Manchester City’s season and said he wouldn’t pay to watch the club play. Today’s action by Barton is further evidence that Barton doesn’t want to be at City and, I won’t be surprised if City no longer wants Barton to be at their club.

The timing by Barton is awful. Manchester City play at home against United in the derby on Saturday (7:45am ET, Setanta).

More details about the breaking story can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Joey Barton's Man City Career Near Its End”

  1. I think one of the first things that Cynical Sam will do upon taking over is to clear Barton out. He’s a decent player, but a bad egg. They had the worst scoring output at home in the history of English league football. No one on that club is untouchable.

  2. My hope is that he never wears a City shirt again. He has become such a sideshow for a squad trying to find it’s way. Sadly he’s our best player but the locker room and training sessions will be more harmonous without him.

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