Wish-list for Setanta Sports

Yesterday we took a closer look at Fox Soccer Channel and made recommendations of what changes they can make in the summer to improve their level of Premiership coverage when the season begins again in August.
Today, it’s our turn to do the same for Setanta Sports. Here’s our recommendation of what they need to do to improve:
  1. Become more readily available. Simply said, Setanta Sports needs to do a better job at making its network more readily available to soccer fans across America. Sure, there’s DirecTV and ITVN, but for Setanta to flourish, it needs to be available via cable and DISH network.
  2. More consistency with programming. Hopefully this will be sorted out beginning with the new season, but right now it’s hard to know when we can expect to see Paul Dempsey on-air before, during, or after Premiership matches via the feed from the Setanta studios in Dublin, Ireland. If we can expect to see his analysis each weekend, this will help us form a bond with the programming.
  3. New original programmes. With Setanta acquiring the rights package in the UK to show many of the Premiership matches starting with the new season, let’s hope that Setanta will have some new programming that we can watch here in North America. Football analyst discussion shows like the one on RTE, for example. Or other new programming.

Again, other than HD, which I don’t see happening this year, what recommendations do you have for Setanta to improve other than the ones above? I look forward to reading your comments.

8 thoughts on “Wish-list for Setanta Sports”

  1. I think we have to remember that Setanta just isn’t a footy channel. Now yes, they need to do a better job bridging that dead period from 9:40-10:00 with the Setanta Dublin feed.
    As for being more available, let us all hope that the rumors are true about them moving to Dish Network and a couple of cable platforms. If it isn’t, this will be the second year in a row I will have heard these rumors and they not come to pass.

  2. Good comments on how to improve the channel.

    bc: makes a good point that Setanta isn’t a footy channel, but they want to become one. You have to give them a bit of time. It’s like the NFL when Fox became the NFC rights holder after never being in the game. Lets reserve a complete judgment for 2 years and lets hope they have EPL broadband set to go in August.

    I would also like to see more coverage of The Championship. They do a good job with the games. I would like them to have additional games midweek and weekends. How about a sunday night championship match to finish off the weekend.

  3. One thing they could improve upon is their rights to broadcast “southern hemisphere” rugby instead of displaying that dreaded static message whenever they can’t. I have only seen this early in the morning prior to the first Saturday footy game kickoff, but oh, is it annoying! I also hope the rumors of DISH are accurate, as I am ready to give up my ITVN subscription and its crappy quality.

  4. Any way, you could e-mail this link to an Executive at Sentanta for comment?

    Particularly interested in their comments on point 1.

  5. Is Dempsey the fat bloke with the greasy hair and the sweater vests?

    Is so, I recommend a makeover.

    As for some other changes, when they’re showing BBC or Sky feeds of games they should show the pregame and postgame and halftime commentary more often. They’ve done it occasionaly with Champions Lg and Coke matches, but they should do more of it.

  6. Other than HD?

    For me that is the main gripe by far… I (& millions of others) have shelled out big bux for the latest technology (1080p, because it’s better than 1080i!) & we can’t talk about getting our favorite sport in HD?? The World Cup spoiled me for picture quality. These games are available in HD in the UK, why not here?

  7. “These games are available in HD in the UK, why not here?”

    The day a satellite or cable TV provider in the US dedicates limited and expensive HD bandwidth to a channel that relatively no one watches is a long long long long long way off.

    Regarding the main post, Setanta really needs to get on cable. ITVN’s shaky connection doesn’t cut it for the non-directv subscriber.

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