Interview with Tommy Smyth from ESPN

ESPN’s Tommy Smyth is featured as the interview guest on this week’s EPL Talk Podcast. Download the podcast here or subscribe to the EPL Talk Podcast via iTunes so you don’t miss a single episode.

During the interview, Tommy discusses:

  • This week’s Champions League semi-finals and whether AC Milan can stop Man United,
  • What impact the managers of the respective Champions League semi-finalists will have on their teams,
  • Tommy’s playing career as a goalkeeper in America,
  • How he came up with the catchphrase about putting a “bulge in the auld onion bag,”
  • What a typical week is like in the life of Tommy,
  • And much more.

Plus, during the interview, listen to Kevin Jones discuss the impact of the Premier League in the Far East. And we’ll discuss the news stories from the past weekend as well as including a clip of the Ray Hudson interview from the video podcast for those of you who missed it.

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