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  • Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore believes that Premiership clubs should reduce ticket prices next season especially in light of the new, massive TV deal. However, he believes that it’s up to the clubs to make that decision, which will mean that very few clubs will comply with his wishes.

  • US-based writer Ian Plenderleith has written a revealing account of his recent return to England to watch some Championship and League Two football with visits to QPR and Lincoln’s grounds, and gives us a comparison of how Major League Soccer is different. His observations may surprise you.
  • Former Manchester City great Ray Ranson is one of the most business-savvy ex-players you may come across. The man invested heavily in ProZone, the incredibly sophisticated computer technology which has transformed the way managers analyze the game (see article about it here in the EPL Talk Magazine).

    Now, Ranson is in the press talking about money matters, but predicts that the Americans investing in the game have their eyes set on the amount of money the clubs can make off broadband.

    Also, Ranson’s comment about making ProZone the Bloomberg of soccer is quite revealing. I’m sure we would have to pay for this level of research data, but that would be wonderful if the fans could sift through the data themselves.

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  1. Nice article on the comparison of MLS with the lower English leagues.

    I have to admit, I’ve seen more MLS games this year (Two) than ever watched before in my life. And I have to say it wasn’t that bad. The skill is pretty good and the style and pace actually reminds me more of Bundesliga (with less flair) than anything else.

    The lack of tactical skill and discipline in the English game is covered territory. many a writer have spoken of it.

    I remember living in France when England were eliminated by Holland from going to the U.S.A 94 and reading an article in “L’Equipe” that lambasted the English game as lacking skill, patience and desire to work short passes. I see little has changed.

    Vialli’s new book “The Italian Job”, in comparing the two styles (ENG and ITA), he says The English play with their hearts and the Italians play with their brains.

    But anyway, it’s hard to argue with the logic of the article in question when we look at the results. The Big Four are decidedly un-English in their style and coaching…not to mention their rosters. The more successful teams do employ more continental flavor…but they do so with the pace and energy that fans of the EPL admire…myself included.

    How would the better MLS teams fare against Championship and lower EPL teams? There was a time when I would say the MLS “cream” would need to be play in League one to win the title. I’m not so sure anymore. I’d be curious to a DC United or Houston Dynamo type team play Championship teams and, dare I say, lower EPL squads like Watford and Charlton and Sheff. U.

    The results may not be what one would expect.

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