World Soccer Daily Launches Redesigned Web site

This week, World Soccer Daily launched a redesigned version of their web site at

Redesigned with frames by web designer Chris Kennedy, the site now has a completely different look and feel and has moved from its previous white background to black. The home page is much cleaner and better organized. The image of the pitch turf at the top and bottom of the page is nicely done. And the design, overall, definitely holds your attention far longer than the old design did.

That said, the redesign fails to add any significant new content or features to the site. Perhaps that’s to come at a later date? At the time of the review, the TV schedule page was still out-of-date. The Nick and Steven Fan Club has gone (understandably so with Geber concentrating on poker now). Meanwhile, the advertisement for ITVN on the home page is misleading (“May 9th: Manchester United v. Chelsea, and the only place to see it is on ITVN”). Sure, ITVN will be showing the match, but it definitely isn’t the only place you can see the match, which will air on Setanta Sports.

Overall, the design is a definite improvement over the old version. But once you’ve familiarized yourself with the new look, there isn’t much to bring you back other than the message board.

4 thoughts on “World Soccer Daily Launches Redesigned Web site”

  1. Gregg,

    Yep, I realize it’s an advertisement but the copy is either written by WSD or ITVN. Whatever the case, it’s misleading.

    I think what they’re trying to say is that ITVN is the only place you can see the game if you don’t have DirecTV.

    The Gaffer

  2. Unfortunately not. But there is talk about Setanta perhaps being available on some Comcast systems later this year.

    The Gaffer

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