EPL Talk Vodcast Features GolTV and Ray Hudson

The debut episode of the EPL Talk Video Podcast has been released, which features an exclusive interview with Ray Hudson and a behind-the-scenes tour of the GolTV studios and the set of their American Soccer television show.

The video podcast (or ‘vodcast’) is also available via iTunes, and is — I believe — the first ever soccer video podcast published in America. If you have a video iPod, you can view it there. Or you can view it directly through the iTunes software. Or, you can view it as Quicktime movie from here.

The EPL Talk Podcast will continue to be published every Sunday. For example, this Sunday’s episode will include an interview with Tommy Smyth from ESPN, where he’ll preview the Champions League matches as well as revealing how he came up with his catchphrase (‘the bulge in the auld onion bag’) and much more.

I’m planning on releasing the interview with Hudson as a podcast episode (i.e. audio-only) sometime this week — especially for those listeners who are unable to play video.

Special thanks to The Creative Underground for directing and producing the video. The brand development agency provides clients with creative brand building solutions.


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