Cisse “It’s a bit early to go to New York.”

The signings of David Beckham and Juan Pablo Angel were supposed to change the image of MLS in Europe. To put it quite frankly, they have not. Robbie Fowler has discounted a move to MLS preferring a potential move to Australia’s A-league and now Djbril Cisse who is the property of Liverpool but on loan at Marseille has completely dismissed MLS. Cisse stated “It’s a bit early to go to New York.” At 25, Cisse clearly believes he’d be wasting away the prime of his career in the United States. Whether or not we support MLS, the bottom line is that the perception of the league as a retirement home for aged stars such as Roberto Donadoni, Lothar Matthaeus, Carlos Valderrama and Youri Djorkaeff among others is alive and well in Europe, David Beckham not withstanding. Until MLS makes more effort to change this view, the truly top international stars will continue to view MLS as a step down from the top European leagues.


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