Lettering for 07/08 Premiership Shirts Unveiled

Starting on May 15th, the 2007/2008 shirts of Premiership clubs will feature a new letter and number style that will incorporate the new Premier League logo and will be easier to read.

Looking at the application guide for the new season (click image for a larger view), the height of the player’s names on the back of the jersey appear to be smaller. The spacing between each letter appears to be wider, though, making it easier to read from afar.

One interesting point about the new design is that the Premiership application guide shows a Premier League logo (and associated text) to be added near the bottom of the short on the player’s left leg. In the 2006/2007 season, it was a small Premier League logo inside the number on that player’s short. But placing the logo beneath the number on the shorts may cause some clubs problems. Why? Because many clubs feature the kit manufacturer’s logo in that space (as well as on the jersey, etc).

According to the application guide, though, “the position information is intended as a guide only. Shirts and shorts differ and this information may need to be reviewed in individual circumstances for the best fit to be achieved.”

Overall, just as with the logo, I prefer the new design of the numbers and letters. The font is more modern and easier on the eye. The end result is a more attractive style. Now all we have to do is wait for the Premiership clubs to unveil improved shirt designs. Newcastle is first out of the blocks, and their design isn’t bad at all.

11 thoughts on “Lettering for 07/08 Premiership Shirts Unveiled”

  1. Meh… I like the current style better but I’m sure I’ll get used to the new lettering. I’ve looked for a larger image of the graphic but I haven’t found one yet. The nameplates look kinda-sorta what the Toronto Maple Leafs use.

    The “From 15 May” line printed on the graphic would suggest we could get our first good look at the new lettering in the FA Cup Final. ???

  2. The design is ok. I guess I just like the classic look of the Premier League’s current number and letter designs.
    But either way… I’ll be buying a kit with the new designs for next season.

  3. fuckin bollocks design should of stuck with the classical design that design is like a mickey mouse sticker why ruin a perfect good lion design cmon thickos simply redesign that piece of shite you call a premiership logo.

  4. i dont like it it looks like someone rammed you over with a ford fiesta and reversed again. what the fuck is that lion doin its starin at the worst ever logo invented fuckin shit.

    Change the thing before palermo tops start lookin better.

  5. The logo is already in place, and has nothing to do with the number font, for you people who are complaining.
    I like the current numbering, and it is unique enough that it is synonymous with the Premiership. However, like the guy above said, I’m sure I’ll get used to the new font.

  6. The numbers are a definite improvement, in fact I can’t quite believe it’s taken them this long to ditch the old ones. Now the EPL numbers have the same standard of readablity long established by the Scottish Premier and followed by the MLS.

    The letters, though, are actually worse than the old ones because they’re smaller and wider – can you imagine how messy it’ll look if a Premier team sign Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink?

  7. I dont like the new numbers the quality doesnt seem as good as the old ones I washed my new man u jersey at the recommended setting (30 degrees) and colour from the jersey ran into the numbers its ruined!

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