Manchester United: Future Champions of Europe?

What an awe-inspiring performance that was last night by Manchester United after their 7-1 thrashing of Roma in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final. Who could have predicted such an outcome?

The one-touch passing and incredible link-up play was incredible. But, to me, what was even more impressive was the performance of Manchester United as a team. Playing together as a team sounds like a simple concept, but it’s one that the England national team, and many other sides, are unable to accomplish.

Giggs played one of the best games of his life with unbelievable vision on the pitch that led to inch-perfect passes that completely ripped Roma apart. In fact, you can go through the entire squad and single out many heroic performances. But again, it was the interplay between Man United on the pitch and their amazing determination to put this match out of Roma’s reach that was astounding to watch.

At four nil up in the first half, the majority of club sides in the world would have taken their pedal off the gas and made some substitutions and rested players. But not Man United, who seemed like they wanted to provide a message to the world. For the remainder of the Champions League, and Premiership, teams will now fear Man United even more than they did before.

Tonight was a magic night and Alex Ferguson and his side has to be congratulated. So too does the Old Trafford crowd who were the loudest I’ve heared them in quite some time at the historic stadium. After all, if you can’t be that passionate while winning 7-1, when would you ever be?

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Editor’s note: I drove to GolTV’s studios in Miami this afternoon for the first episode of the EPL Talk Video Podcast. More details to come on that soon. But I didn’t get a chance to watch Chelsea’s historic 2-1 win against Valencia. What a night for English football, and congratulations must also go to Jose Mourinho and Chelsea for pulling off the victory that so many people didn’t think they had it in them.

4 thoughts on “Manchester United: Future Champions of Europe?”

  1. Do we need more proof that the Premier League is the best in the world? I think not. Just like Italian teams dominated Europe 10 years ago, the British teams are head and shoulders above their counterparts from Spain, Italy, Germany.
    Roma showed how not to play against United.
    To all United fans: calm down, you haven’t won nothing yet.

  2. The third goal (Rooney’s first) was just brilliant from a team perspective. Four touches from four different players from their own third and in the back of the net.

  3. I don’t see English teams as being as dominant as you suggest. I quick look back over the past 5 years or so of the Chmapions League quarter-finals teams shows that it’s pretty much not true. Juve, AC and Inter Milan have figured in the final stages nearly every year.

    Just as recently as 2002/03, the final had two Italian Teams.

    The same can be said of the Spanish league with the Likes of Real Madrid, Barca and Valencia.

    I think your predetermined bias to say this is a little premature. The facts don’t back it up.

  4. ZTN, yes, and no…
    They ran stats during the L’pool-PSV game, I think. In 2000, 3 Spanish teams were in the semis(Real, Barca, Valencia), in 2003, 3 Italian teams were there(Juve, Milan, Inter).
    The truth of the matter is, for the past 3(I believe) consecutive years, an English team has made it to the final. The financial resources of the big four at the moment allow them to buy the best players in the world.
    Considering the “perpetual crisis” of Real, the temporary slip this year with Barca(on paper, they were X10 better than Liverpool, but…), and the disaster in Italian club football, the big four in England have been and will continue to be ever-present in the last stage of the competition.
    Germany, France and Holland aren’t on par financially. PSV was a very sad team to watch, especially in the first game.
    BTW, I am not British. But I do love the Premier league. In terms of entertainment, it is second to none.
    Semis should be great-my prediction-(actually, Rafa said this at a press-conference about a month ago)-Pool and Mialn will meet again in the final. Gatuzo won’t let Ronaldo do what he did on Roma. And Pool got the number on Chelsea in playoff situations. I don’t want to be a Chelsea player on Anfield at the return leg. It will be hell.

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