7 Habits of Highly Effective EPL Talk Readers

Behind the scenes, there’s been a lot going on at EPL Talk. Even if you’re a daily visitor, here are some new features and news you may have missed:1. EPL Talk is featured in the April issue of Podcast User Magazine with an article penned by The Gaffer about the recent EPL Talk Tour. Check out this page for more articles and radio show interviews, including guest co-host spots on the Soccer Shout Podcast.2. In the next week, we’ll debut the EPL Talk Video Podcast. The first episode will feature a behind-the-scenes tour of the GolTV studios and an exclusive interview with Ray Hudson.3. EPL Talk is on Twitter. Click here to view the EPL Talk Twitter page and request to be added as a follower (you can learn more about what Twitter is here). The link to the Twitter page is always under the “More EPL Talk” section on this page if you want to see what The Gaffer is up to.4. Under each blog post, you’ll see two new sharing buttons (“Bookmark” and “Hype this.”) If you find any particular article interesting, click on the Bookmark button to share the article with others on sites such as De.licio.us, Digg or 30 other similar sites. Or click “Hype this,” which will prompt you to share the article on a new site named Ballhype.com, which is a social networking site geared to sports fans.5. We now have a weekly poll. You can find it in the left column of this blog, where we’ll ask your opinion regarding controversial topics each week. The first poll is whether the Man United and Spurs fans were unfairly victimized by the Italian and Spanish police or not. The results that are in thus far are quite surprising.6. Near the bottom left column of the blog, you’ll find a “Recent Readers” widget that displays the images of registered users at MyBloglog.com on the EPL Talk blog. Click the ‘View Reader Community’ link at the foot of the Reader photographs and you’ll see the other recent visitors as well as ones that have been added as friends.7. We’ve updated the drop-down list under the club names on the EPLTalk.com homepage, so you can now easily access the podcast for your favorite team(s) just by rolling over your team’s name and hovering over the ‘podcast’ name.Stay tuned for more great Premiership coverage this summer when EPL Talk launches the EPL Talk Show (listen to a preview here) and the possible release of an eBook on a hot soccer-related topic.

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