Fox Soccer Channel's Bizarre Ads for Pathfinder

Has Fox Soccer Channel lost the plot?

In amazement, I was watching Fox Soccer Channel tonight and saw a preview to Pathfinder, a new violent fantasy film from 20th Century Fox. Except instead of the normal preview FSC had been showing earlier in the day, Fox played a special advertisement for the movie that showed brief flashes of the Pathfinder preview mixed with footage from the Premiership.

While the effect cheapened Fox Soccer Channel in my view, what was worse was the distasteful clip of Djibril Cisse’s agonizing cry that was included when he broke his leg. It’s one thing to show the clip, but to glorify it for usage in a movie for another Fox company is disgusting.

Also, Fox superimposing a soccer ball into one of the scenes in the preview was laughable. Trying to blend together the die-hard passion that fans feel for soccer and fusing that with Pathfinder was ridiculous.

If you’re going to market the movie on Fox Soccer Channel, don’t try and trick the viewers into wanting to see the film just by throwing in soccer clips. There’s plenty of other imaginative ways to promote the movie instead of resorting to cheap tricks.

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