Fox Soccer Channel Welcomes Andy Houlihan

If you watched the Reading v Liverpool match today on Fox Soccer Channel, you may have noticed a different voice than usual announcing the intro, half-time and wrap-up from the Fox studios in Los Angeles.

For the Saturday 10am ET kickoffs, it’s usually Mark Rogondino, the San Diego native. But today, it was Andy Houlihan with his English accent making his debut for Fox Soccer Channel.

His smooth English voice sounds very professional and on a par with the better English presenters and commentators. Let’s hope that Houlihan will become a permanent fixture at Fox.

3 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Welcomes Andy Houlihan”

  1. While his accent may be nice, he repeatedly mispronounced the players’ names (Kuyt, Sissoko, etc.). It amazes me that somebody that is a professional broadcaster can’t even take the time to learn how to properly pronounce names.

  2. Good point. I did notice the mispronunciation of Dirk Kuyt’s name, but missed his attempt at Mohammed Sissoko.

    Yes, I agree that improvement is still needed, but it’s a step forward in the right direction by Fox, I believe.

    The Gaffer

  3. come on, as an englishman, his english accent doesn’t impress me. his punditry is full of horrible cliches and is no where near insightful. I dont understand why English pundits try and give an American style presentation (talk to camera style, lots of statistics, etc.). If you have ever seen good punditry like on the BBC from ex-players, you’d realise that Fox Soccer’s coverage is awful. Just because someone is English doesnt give authenticity – like those two other muppets they had last season. Canada has great EPL coverage, presented in part by ex-pro Craig Forrest. Still it’s all we have. However, I think Christian Miles does an ok job in fairness.

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